The ultimate in secure storage...

The safety of your possessions and/or business items, together with your own security while accessing our stores is the most important aspect of our business!


Our safety measures for secure storage include:

  • access control - clients gaining access to the premises are required to sign-in and a staff member accompanies them to their storage location

  • 24 hour on-site security, 7 days a week

  • all staff has panic buttons linked to an Armed Response unit

  • fire extinguishers

  • At no stage are our staff aloud to remove locks for customers who lost their keys without prior approval from either Rudolph van Vuuren 0824472346, or Ria van Vuuren 0824472346. There are security questions that needs to be answered to ensure the safekeeping of goods stored on the premises. An amount of R300-00 will be charged to your account for the removal of the lock/locks.

Items which we have identified as hazardous and/or not suitable for self storage, and which we do not allow our customers to store in our secure storage facilities are:

  • toxic, pollutants or contaminated goods
  • firearms, munitions or explosives
  • radioactive materials
  • hazardous goods
  • living plants or animals
  • food or perishable goods
  • cash and securities
  • illegal goods
  • waste
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