What is Self Storage

Self Storage is the term applied to storage facilities that offer do-it-yourself storage space for members of the public and businesses to rent month-to-month.

You are the only person to hold the key and you can come and go as often as you like during normal working hours

Wegbêre storage units offers the provision for customers of space for the storage of furniture and household goods, boat storage, caravan storage and trailer storage whee the storage space offer all of the following characteristics:

The customer has exclusive use of the storage unit.
The storage ares is secured to prevent access except by the customer
The customer has unrestricted access to the storage area during site opening hours
Transfer of goods into and out of the storage area can be completed by the customers themselves

1How many days notice do I need to give to cancel the rental of the Unit
One full calendar month's notice is required
2What size storage units do you offer?
Please refer to our Storage prices or Contact us for more information.
3How do I reserve a unit?
Units are allocated on a "First Come First Served Basis". Once a signed Rental Agreement, deposit and the initial month's rental has been received the unit will be reserved for your
4What do I do about Insurance?
All the major insurers are prepared to cover your goods while they are in storage. Inform your insurer that the goods will be in storage and they will cover your possessions under your Household Policy.
5Can I authorise other people to access my storage unit?
You can authorise others to access your unit as long as prior arrangements are made with Wegbêre Storage Units and the person(s) accessing the unit are able to identify themselves properly - ID required. To obtain entry to the unit the storage key will also be required.

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